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The Rutgers Series in Childhood Studies at the AAA (2016)

Publish your book on children, childhood, adolescence and/or youth with the Rutgers Series in Childhood Studies!

The Rutgers Series in Childhood Studies is dedicated to increasing our understanding of children and childhoods throughout the world, reflecting a perspective that highlights cultural dimensions of the human experience. The series, now edited by Jill E. Korbin and EJ Sobo, seeks proposals for books that will make important contributions to the study of children and childhoods, adolescence, and youth.
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Dear ACYIG Members,

ACYIG is now soliciting submissions for the October 2016 issue of Neos. We are accepting submissions on a rolling basis between Monday, August 15 and Monday, September 5. The final deadline for submission is Monday, September 5. If possible, please notify me of your intent to submit by the start of the rolling period (August 15), so that I can identify peer reviewers in a timely manner.


Journal of Playwork Practice: Vol 3 No 1 now out

First issue of 2016 now out, with a section on the second Research Seminar

Journal of Playwork Practice (JPP), published in association with Common Threads, is the first academic journal in the playwork field and provides an international platform for the publication and dissemination of scholarship relevant to playwork practice.  The journal is available as a print journal with an online version. Continue reading Journal of Playwork Practice: Vol 3 No 1 now out

Neos highlights – Discovering the Kid Researcher

Have you considered how prior relationships with your research participants influence their experience in the research process? Or how friendships between participants influence the research process? See how researcher Cynthia Maurer dealt with these issues in “Discovering the Kid Researcher,” pp. 8-9 of the February 2016 issue of Neos (

Neos highlights — Childhood and Contradiction

Are you looking to bring a different perspective on child labor into your classroom? In the February 2016 issue of Neos, Megan Hinrichsen explores the tension between the childhood that parents of working children are told they should provide and the reality of their everyday lives. Read her article “Childhood and Contradiction: Illustrations of the Ideal Childhood and Child Labor in Urban Ecuador” (pp. 12-13) and others at