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These bibliographies have been compiled by ACYIG members and colleagues, with input from our list serve. While extensive, they are not exhaustive, so feel free to contribute additional reading lists, sources, or feedback by contacting the content coordinator, Robin Valenzuela, at robinvalenzuela1708[at]

Accounts of Children and Childhood In Motion


  • Bulawayo, N. (2013). We Need New Names by Noviolet Bulawayo.”. The Guardian. Read more.
  • Craighead George, J. (1972). Julie of the Wolves. Read more.
  • Diaz, J. (2008). The brief wondrous life of Oscar Wao. Penguin. Read more.
  • De Amicis, E. (2000). Corazón (Vol. 8). Edaf.
  • De Amicis, E., Urquiri, X., & Aicúa, T. (1977). De los Apeninos a los Andes. Bruguera.
  • Doerr, Anthony. 2014. All the Light We Cannot See. Scribner. Read more.
  • Forna, A. (2014). The Devil that Danced on the Water: A Daughter’s Quest. Grove/Atlantic, Inc.. Read more.
  • Ghodsee, Kristen. “Tito Trivia.” Anthropology and Humanism, 37.1 (June 2012): 105-108. Read more.
  • Gyasi, Yaa. 2016. Homegoing. Lodon: Viking. Read more.
  • Hewett, J. (1990). Hector lives in the United States now: The story of a Mexican-American child. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. Read more.
  • Le Clézio, J. M. G. (2011). Mondo & Other Stories. University of Nebraska Press. Read more.
  • Offen, Julia Lynn. “Portrait of a Circus Girl,” Ethnography, 11.3 (September 2010): 473-484. Read more.
  • Viramontes, H. M. (1996). Under the Feet of Jesus. 1995. New York: Plume. Read more.
  • Mbue, I. (2016). Behold the dreamers: a novel. New York: Random House. Read more.
  • Okri, B. (2015). The famished road. Random House. Read more.
  • Okri, B. (2015). Songs of enchantment. Random House. Read more.
  • Ratner, V. (2012). In the Shadow of the Banyan. Simon and Schuster. Read more.
  • Ryan, P. M. (2002). Esperanza rising. Scholastic Inc. Read more.


  • Bode, J. (1989). New kids on the block: Oral histories of immigrant teens. Franklin Watts. Read more.


  • Tatyana Kleyn.  “Una Vida Dos Paises,” Read more.

Also, check out the Childhood Studies and Anthropology sections of Oxford Bibliographies for more great reading lists.

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