Journal of Playwork Practice: Vol 3 No 1 now out

First issue of 2016 now out, with a section on the second Research Seminar

Journal of Playwork Practice (JPP), published in association with Common Threads, is the first academic journal in the playwork field and provides an international platform for the publication and dissemination of scholarship relevant to playwork practice.  The journal is available as a print journal with an online version.

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Author: Newstead, Shelly

A century defending the child’s right to play: beginnings of the playground movement in Melbourne, Australia
Author: Chancellor, Barbara

Children’s reflections on play
Authors: Nugin, Kristina; Veisson, Marika; Tuul, Maire; Õun, Tiia; Suur, Silvi

Playwork practitioners’ views on play provision in a South Wales local authority
Authors: King, Peter; Waibel, Alexandra

Reflections from the Journal of Playwork Practice research seminar, University of Glyndwr, November 2015
Author: Chancellor, Barbara

Fantasy adventure playgrounds research with Associate Professor Rick Worch, Bowling Green State University, USA
Author: Lambie, Grant

A century defending the child’s right to play: Beginnings of the play(work) movement in Australia with Barbara Chancellor, RMIT University, Australia
Author: Neen, Jonathan

An introduction to Adventure in Play by John Barron Mays with Shelly Newstead, Angela Mays and Professor Nicholas Mays
Author: Hartshorne, Marie-Claire

Just children, just playing with Amica Dall, Assemble UK
Author: Jackson, Rebekah

Assessing risk in adventure playgrounds, with Martin van Rooijen, PhD candidate, University of Humanistic Studies, the Netherlands
Author: Turner, Lauren

Reflections on the Journal of Playwork Practice Seminar 2015
Author: Mitchell, Keir

Lady Marjorie Allen of Hurtwood (1897–1976)
Author: Ashley, Brian

Children’s Play in Public Spaces
Book Reviews

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