​​New titles from Policy Press on ​Children, ​Young ​People and​ Families

9781447307044Child development and the brain: An introduction
By Rob Abbott and Esther Burkitt
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-4473-0704-4  £19.99 $34.95
Packed full of images, case studies, reflection points, this accessibly written textbook is designed to introduce undergraduate students on social science courses to the science behind the brain. Continue reading ​​New titles from Policy Press on ​Children, ​Young ​People and​ Families

The cultural politics of childhood and nation: Space, mobility and a global world – Part 2

The second part of the special issue on the Cultural Politics of Nation and Childhood: Space, mobility and a global world  in Global Studies of Childhood has been published.
The articles in both parts at the moment are freely downloadable so please do take the opportunity.
Here is the link to second part: http://gsc.sagepub.com/content/current
Link to first part of the special issue: http://www.wwwords.co.uk/gsch/content/pdfs/4/issue4_3.asp

CFP for AAA 2015 session: Experiments in Ethnographies of Child Development

CFP for the 2015 American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting in Denver
Session: Experiments in Ethnographies of Child Development: Theoretical and Methodological Entanglements between Anthropology and Psychology 

This session examines the various ways anthropologists incorporate experimental methods in ethnographic fieldwork to study child development. It is situated within the larger theoretical and methodological adventure of bridging anthropology and psychology ininvestigating the dynamics of culture and mind in childhood, a critical phase of human development. 

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ACYIG’s ‘invited’ session for the Annual Meetings: Will it be yours?

Reminder to ACYIG Members!The deadline for submitting proposals for the 114th AAA Annual Meeting is coming soon. The meetings will be held Nov. 18-22, in Denver, CO.This year, ACYIG may INVITE one session. This session will receive the “Invited by ACYIG” tagline in the AAA program. Continue reading ACYIG’s ‘invited’ session for the Annual Meetings: Will it be yours?

Parent Education & Vaccine Preventable Diseases

Parent Education May Be a Risk Factor for Measles and other Vaccine Preventable Childhood Diseases

by Elisa (EJ) Sobo

We may not be able to legislate a shift in parenting style, or to mitigate the income gap that provides some with more privilege than others, including access to higher education. But we can build a strong national curriculum for information and scientific literacy into all bachelor’s programs. Doing so may be one of the soundest public health investments we can make.

“Nothing screams ‘privilege’ louder than ostentatiously refusing something that those less privileged wish to have.” So writes Dr. Amy Tuteur in a provocative piece regarding “anti-vaccine” parents.


Yet, the recent Disneyland measles outbreak wasn’t driven simply by “conspicuous non-consumption.” Privilege may be necessary to vaccine refusal or delay, but it isn’t sufficient. The minor trend toward non-vaccination among tiny subgroups of the elite that fueled it may actually be (in part) an artifact of exceptionally high self-confidence rather than simply privilege. Let me explain by telling you about two research projects.
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ACYIG Newsletter highlights—Taking your children to the field

Check out the column “Accompanied Fieldwork with an Exceptional Child” in our newest ACYIG Newsletter (p. 9-10) for suggestions on how to do fieldwork with a son or daughter who has autism: http://www.aaanet.org/sections/acyig/newsletter/current-newsletter/.

Interested in sharing your own experience? You can find the submission guidelines at http://www.aaanet.org/sections/acyig/newsletter/newsletter-submission-guidelines/ and contact Editor Kate Grim-Feinberg at kgrimfe2@illinois.edu with any questions.