2 Postdoc opportunities at Universitat de Barcelona

FOODCIRCUITS is an ethnographic project leaded by Professor Seth M. Holmes (PhD, MD), that focuses on the social and embodied connections between migrants and the societies of which they form part, as well as how these connections become invisibilised. The project will follow the people who interact with specific fruit and vegetables in three food circuits (specifically, asparagus from Germany, oranges from Spain and strawberries from California) to investigate the embodied experiences of migrant farm labourers, supply chain workers and consumers. The project will be based in in-depth participant observation ethnography with migrant farmworkers, transportation and supply chain workers, and consumers of fruits and vegetables. In this regard, the focus will be in the relationship with food of all parties involved, including children and youth, whom aspirations for themselves and the foodsystem may be different from those of their parents.

One of the post-docs we are now recruiting will lead the Spanish Oranges Circuits. The other one will lead the Californian Strawberries circuit. In addition, each post-doc will have the opportunity to spend time as a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley.

The following links provide more information on the project, the positions, and the application process, which deadline is May 23:

  1. Spanish oranges circuit: https://euraxess.ec.europa.eu/jobs/104428
  2. Californian strawberries circuit: https://euraxess.ec.europa.eu/jobs/104409

There will be some flexibility related to the job description and application requirements.

For more information, contact Mateu Font i Mugnaini, Research manager, mateufontimugnaini@ub.edu