ACYIG Blog Author Agreement

Below is the outline for the publication, copyright, and dissemination protocols for both the ACYIG Blog. Please review the guidelines prior to publication with us, and contact the Communications Coordinator or relevant Communications Committee member with any questions.


The ACYIG Blog promotes its content through posts on Twitter and Facebook that draw people to the site. Because of the nature of social media, we cannot control who shares our content on their social media sites or blogs. Any requests that come into the ACYIG website manager regarding re-posting or re-sharing our content will be forwarded to the respective author. However, it is also common that other blogs repost content they find interesting without requesting permission, even as the standard etiquette is to give attribution and link back to the original blog post.

The purpose of any blog is to disseminate ideas and opinions with a wide audience, far beyond those who are reached when academics publish in journals or newsletters. Having our blog content shared across social media expands our reach immensely and is a huge compliment to the author. If you are considering writing for the ACYIG Blog and have any questions about how your content gets shared, please feel free to contact the website manager.

Publishing Partnership with Child’s World America

In an effort to increase the readership of our authors, and to boost visibility of the anthropology of children and youth in interdisciplinary and applied circles, ACYIG has entered into a publishing agreement with the non-profit organization Child’s World America (CWA), whose mission is to serve as a catalyst to improve the well-being of children in the US.

To promote knowledge-sharing on questions related to children and youth, the agreement allows contributing authors to cross-publish relevant content between the organizations. CWA staff and advisors will indicate their interest in particular pieces from the ACYIG Blog that they think would be of interest to their readers, and likewise, ACYIG media content volunteers will seek out pieces that may be of interest to its anthropologists.

When CWA wishes to cross-publish an ACYIG piece, ACYIG will seek each author’s express permission to re-publish. ACYIG authors retain the right to refuse to re-publish content with CWA. If permission to republish is granted, CWA will be authorized to minimally edit content to match the particular style of its publications and to enhance clarity for its particular audiences. No changes to the essence of content, argument, analysis, or points expressed will be authorized without specific author approval. All ACYIG content re-published with CWA will credit the original author and provide ACYIG with attribution as the original source of publication. It is expected that CWA will re-publish images or photographs that accompany written pieces unless the author expresses a desire to limit image dissemination to one or more media outlets.