Spotlight on Scholarship Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines

Please consider submitting a publication for consideration. Your publication is eligible for the Spotlight on Scholarship feature if it:

  • Is peer-reviewed
  • Has been published within the last 6 months (online only is fine)
  • Is related to anthropology, broadly construed
  • Focuses on childhood or youth (<age 18)

To have your work featured, you’ll need to produce either a:

A) Promotional Pitch of 200-400 words plus an image, OR

B) Visual Abstract

(Further details below)

Send your Promotional Pitch or Visual Abstract, along with a PDF of the publication (for review purposes only, not dissemination), a photo of you and a brief bio, and any social media handles, to the communications chair, Julie Spray, at with the subject line ACYIG Spotlight Feature Submission.

You can send your submission at any time within six months of your publication date. Submitted Spotlights will be posted on a rolling basis.

A) Promotional Pitch

Present the main ideas of your work in one 200-400 word “sales pitch” accompanied by one image.

Note, the promotional pitch is NOT an abstract. It should be snappy and engaging. It may contain informal language, rhetorical questions, vignettes, quotes – anything that makes the ideas of your article accessible and attractive to readers. (You may think of it as similar to a mini book proposal, 3-minute thesis, or Twitter thread)

Images may need to be cropped to 16:9 for Twitter.

Remember that your promotional pitch will be deconstructed into 280-character Tweets for promotion on Twitter, so shorter sentences are preferable.

B) Visual abstract

A visual abstract is a visual representation of your article in one image.

Visual abstracts should:

  • Be 16:9 (ideally 1600 x 900 pixels)
  • Include the publication citation
  • Be predominantly image-based; use 35 words or less (excluding citation)

More information about visual abstracts:

What is a Visual Abstract, and how to make one in the easiest way

A primer on how to create a visual abstract