Open Anthropology – current issue on youth

Open Anthropology, the digital journal of the American Anthropological Association, is offering a theme-issue on “Approaching Youth in Anthropology” for its June 2015 issue. It includes articles previously published in a variety of AAA journals.

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Youth Circulations CFP

Call for Proposals
Youth Circulations

Youth Circulations ( is an online exhibit that traces the real and imagined circulations of global youth. As a collection of photographic representations, Youth Circulations illuminates a critical disconnect between the nuanced, transnational lives of the young migrants and the active reduction of these lives into abbreviated tropes–the vulnerable victim, the delinquent, and so on–in mainstream news sources and policy reports.

Youth Circulations invites scholars and artists to submit work that considers these primary circulations:

Youth themselves circulate. Through transnational movement and global technologies, young people circulate between nations, communities, and virtual spaces.

Global youth are agents of circulation. As transnational actors, young migrants shape and contribute to global flows of people, capital, ideas, and values.

3 Ideas circulate about global youth. Put forth in the media, in policy reports, and by advocacy and opposition efforts, representations of young migrants are power-filled and consequential, both in and beyond communities of origin and destination.

Submission format and length is flexible. We invite proposals for an individual blog post or photo essay; a brief analysis of a photo, series of photos, or a gallery on the site; a written or photographic  “conversation” between two or more individuals; or any other work that considers, critiques, or creatively counters so many circulating images of global youth.

With a wide, interdisciplinary readership, Youth Circulations offers artists, scholars, and practitioners a dynamic space to present and interact with ideas about age, mobility, and representation. To contribute, please email

Seminar – Implementing Needs and Interest of Adolescent Girls in Nicaragua into Sexuality Educational Programs

Presented by the Anthropology of Children and Youth Network
16 June 2015
1:30 – 3pm, Room Z-113, Metropolitan Building
VU University Amsterdam

Yoah Kerkvliet, Research Master Student of International Development Studies, UVA Amsterdam

The content of adolescent sexuality educational programs are based on theoretical models that each identify different factors that shape sexual behavior in order to change risk into non-risk sexual behavior. Hereby, aiming to reduce negative health outcomes, such as Sexual Transmitted Diseases or pregnancy. Previous literature has revealed that the content components in sexuality educational programs that are deemed necessary by program designers are not assessed in the same way by adolescents. Thereby, failing to meet the needs and interests of adolescents and being less effective. This research attempts to include the perceptions of adolescent girls in the barrio of the Pantanal in Granada (Nicaragua) to understand which factors they consider of importance in shaping sexual behavior and behavioral change, namely domestic workers and sex workers, and among parents and peers.

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Associate Research Fellow post at Exeter

We currently have a job opportunity within our ESRC-funded research project on ‘Ludic Geopolitics: Children’s Play, War Toys and Re-enchantment with the British Military’. The job is based at the University of Exeter working directly with Dr Sean Carter, and the Associate Research Fellow would be part of a wider team led by myself, involving colleagues at the University of Portsmouth, University of Exeter and Royal Holloway. The project also involves a partnership with the V and A Museum of Childhood. The post will involve fieldwork, data analysis and dissemination activities as well as helping to write project outputs. Continue reading Associate Research Fellow post at Exeter

CFP – Ethical Practice & the Study of Girlhood

jnl_cover_ghsSpecial Issue of
Girlhood Studies:
An Interdisciplinary Journal

For this themed issue of Girlhood Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal“Ethical Practice and the Study of Girlhood,” we invite submissions from transnational and transdisciplinary perspectives that investigate how the constructs of girlhood and ethics might inform each other. We are interested in work that explores, disrupts, or otherwise complicates the notion of girlhood studies as an ethical space. As of yet, the relationship between girlhood studies and the field of ethics remains under-articulated and under-researched. Continue reading CFP – Ethical Practice & the Study of Girlhood