Refugee children as political and moral subjects – now and then

Information from Sweden – an upcoming workshop in March!

Refugee children as political and moral subjects – now and then:
Interdisciplinary crossings in studies of childhood, migration, and forced evacuations 

Tuesday March 3, 2015
9.00 AM – 4.30 PM
Linköping University, Sweden

The aim of the workshop is to address how contemporary research contribute to the historical study of refugee children and vice versa; how can historical research invigorate critical analysis of the contemporary study of refugee children. The workshop program includes presentations by researchers with both disciplinary backgrounds, such as history, sociology, geography, and interdisciplinary backgrounds, such as health studies and child studies. The majority of the speakers study refugee children and young people in a Nordic context. An important theme at the workshop is to approach children and youth as moral and political subjects, either in terms of agency (actions) or in terms of representations of children and youth (media, political documents, etc), or both.


Karin Zetterqvist Nelson, Professor, Child studies, Linköping University, Welcome note.

Ingrid Söderlind, Associate Professor, Linköping University, Understanding the Present by the Past and Understanding the Past by the Present?

Marianne Junila, Associate Professor, University of Oulu, Finnish Children Evacuated to Sweden for Medical Treatment, 1942-47.

Mirjam Hagström, Ph D, Child Studies, Linköping University, From getting here to getting nowhere – the experience of unaccompanied young people in the reception system in Sweden.

Aura Korppi-Tommola, Professor, The Federation of Finnish Learned Societies (Executive Director), Children in Finland during WW II – helping the home front.

Pia Pannula Toft, Ph D, University of Copenhagen, The role of primary education for the empowerment of refugee children – what can we learn from the past experience?

Ketil Eide, Førsteamanuensis, Telemark University College, Trust as theoretical and practical approaches to migration, childhood and social care.


Philip Lalander, Professor, Malmö Högskola, Unaccompanied refugee children: Agency and networks in a hyper interconnected world.

Anna-Kaisa Kuusisto-Arponen, Academy of Finland Research Fellow, University of Tampere, Experiences of liminality among unaccompanied refugee children: institutional care and transcultural networks of belonging.

Jonathan Josefsson, Ph D, Child Studies, Linköping University, Rights claims and images of childhood in public arguments against the expulsion of asylum seeking children in contemporary Sweden.

Ingrid Söderlind & Johanna Sköld, Assistant professor, Linköping University, The Image of the Finnish War Child in the Mobilization of Foster Homes.

Final discussion: Comments by Henry Ascher, Professor, Göteborg University, Tina Kinnunen, Professor, University of Oulu, Pirjo Markkola, Professor, University of Jyväskylä, Bengt Sandin, Professor, Linköping University, and Lutine de Wal Pastoor, Senior Researcher, The Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies, Oslo.

If you wish to participate in the workshop, please contact Karin Zetterqvist Nelson ( or Eva Danielsson ( Places at the workshop are limited, so the quicker the better!
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