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Upcoming talk by Dr. Amy Brainer April 23rd, 12pm (EST)

Intimate harm, intimate healing: Thinking more globally and intersectionally about queer youth and Covid-19


Impacts of Covid-19 on queer youth have been profound. We must think about these impacts in ways that are locally rooted and global in scope, as the pandemic itself has been. This talk will concentrate on three areas where harm has occurred: carceral and immigration systems; loss of basic material security; and the family as a site of care and oppression that is underserved by current models of activism. These are a small number of the many areas that require attention and healing. Thus, the talk will move quickly from presentation to dialogue so that other participants can share their work and insights.


Bio: Amy Brainer is associate professor of Women’s and Gender Studies and coordinator of LGBTQ+ Studies at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. She is the author Queer Kinship and Family Change in Taiwan, for which she received the Ruth Benedict Book Prize from the Association for Queer Anthropology. Her current research follows queer and trans individuals and couples as they navigate marriage-based immigration to Taiwan and the United States.

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Prominent childhood scholars to present at SCCR 2017

AYCIG members are invited to the 2017 Society for Cross Cultural Research Conference in New Orleans, LA.  The keynotes will cover topics as diverse as the socialization of infants around the world, sex, evolution, and the end of male supremacy, and cultural styles of leadership. We have invited several prominent scholars, Mel Konner, Carolyn Pope-Edwards, Gilda Morelli, Joseph Trimble, and Lisa Molix. Continue reading Prominent childhood scholars to present at SCCR 2017

Research Seminar – Playwork: Law and Lore

We are pleased to announce the third Journal of Playwark Practice Research Seminar, Playwork: Law and Lore, to be held at the University of Buckingham on 5th November 2016. We have a great line-up of speakers and the event will also include playwork’s first SIG, which will explore how researchers and playwork practitioners can work together. Continue reading Research Seminar – Playwork: Law and Lore

Registration now open: Horrible Histories? Children’s Lives in Historical Context

General registration is now open for the inaugural conference of the Children’s History Society. Hosted at King’s College London from 16-18 June inclusive, the theme is ‘Horrible Histories? Children’s Lives in Historical Contexts’.With keynotes from David Pomfret and the schoolchildren of Bethnal Green and Pimlico Academies, the conference features over 100 speakers from across the globe. Continue reading Registration now open: Horrible Histories? Children’s Lives in Historical Context

Children’s well-being as a central concern: Implications for practice and policy in the early years

We invite you to join us for a day conference:

Children’s well-being as a central concern: Implications for practice and policy in the early years

Saturday 4 June 2016
University of Roehampton, Froebel College

The day will provide an opportunity for early years practitioners, managers, leaders, researchers, and those involved in policy making to come together, engage in dialogue, and make plans for action related to children’s well-being in light of current issues such as baseline assessment, technology in the early years, the emotional experiences of infants, musicality, pedagogic documentation techniques, and professional development.

We will have group discussions and research presentations by members of the Early Childhood Research Centre. These discussions will also be an opportunity to discuss how Froebelian principles can be applied to concerns related to children’s well-being in current contexts.

The following projects will be presented:

Teachers’ experiences of the Early Excellence Baseline Assessment, wellbeing as a part of on- entry-to-school-assessment; informative, formative or performative? – Mathias Urban, Sigrid Brogaard-Clausen, Sofia Guimaraes, Sally Howe, and Michelle Cottle

Technology and young children’s wellbeing: beyond the known and unknown – Fengling Tang

Loved or Listened to: Parent and practitioner perspectives on young children’s well-being – Sigrid Brogaard-Clausen and Sue Robson

The Tavistock Observation Methodology as a Froebelian practice – Peter Elfer and Sue Greenfield

Musicality and Musical play – Antonia Zachariou

Reconceptualising Professional Development – Valeria Scacchi

Using the techniques of pedagogic documentation to deepen our understandings and commitments to well-being – Suzanne Quinn and Michelle Palser



Conference supported by the Early Childhood Research Centre and The Froebel Trust

Details and abstracts will be published online at: