Upcoming Seminar – Early Childhood Parenting

Invitation to the upcoming Anthropology of Children and Youth Seminar at VU Amsterdam. 

The seminar is on Friday 15 April 10.30-12.00 (W&N Building, 6th floor, room WN-P656, this is behind the main building):

Observing early childhood parenting across the globe

By Judi Mesman, Professor of Diversity in parenting and development, Scientific Director of the Institute of Education and Child Studies, Centre for Child and Family Studies, Leiden University

Abstract: Many theoretical frameworks about parent-child interactions are based almost entirely on research in Western urban populations. One of the goals of the research program ‘Diversity in parenting’ is to examine the universality versus culture-specificity of assumptions from the Western scientific parenting literature with regard to non-Western populations, using standardized video observations. This work has recently become part of a network of researchers using video data on child development across the globe, who have joined forces to facilitate the multidisciplinary analyses of video materials. In this presentation Judi Mesman will discuss studies from the Diversity in Parenting program, as well as the collaboration arising from this new network (see also:www.diversityinparenting.nl )

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