Seminar – Implementing Needs and Interest of Adolescent Girls in Nicaragua into Sexuality Educational Programs

Presented by the Anthropology of Children and Youth Network
16 June 2015
1:30 – 3pm, Room Z-113, Metropolitan Building
VU University Amsterdam

Yoah Kerkvliet, Research Master Student of International Development Studies, UVA Amsterdam

The content of adolescent sexuality educational programs are based on theoretical models that each identify different factors that shape sexual behavior in order to change risk into non-risk sexual behavior. Hereby, aiming to reduce negative health outcomes, such as Sexual Transmitted Diseases or pregnancy. Previous literature has revealed that the content components in sexuality educational programs that are deemed necessary by program designers are not assessed in the same way by adolescents. Thereby, failing to meet the needs and interests of adolescents and being less effective. This research attempts to include the perceptions of adolescent girls in the barrio of the Pantanal in Granada (Nicaragua) to understand which factors they consider of importance in shaping sexual behavior and behavioral change, namely domestic workers and sex workers, and among parents and peers.

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