Invitation to ACYIG’s CRN_Mobilities

The Anthropology of Children and Youth Interest Group (ACYIG) is pleased to announce the launch of a new Collaborative Research Network (CRN): CRN_Mobilities.

CRNs provide an opportunity for ACYIG members to develop and lead inter-disciplinary groups of scholars, practitioners, and students around specific thematic interests. Collaborative Research Networks may involve activities such as email groups, listservs, calls to action, op-eds, organizing conference panels, or other activities and communications contributing to scholarly issues relevant to ACYIG membership. We strongly encourage inter-disciplinary and international membership. Membership within CRNs is free and open to the public.

The focus of this new CRN is Global Mobilities. CRN_ Mobilities examines the actual and imagined movement of global children and youth, broadly conceived. We invite scholars, students and practitioners to share resources, links, and information that considers young people as agents of mobility and movements, and/or that examines the mobility of ideas about global childhood and youth. Potential topics include but are not limited to: migration and transnational identities, social media and social movements; young people’s influence on global flows of people, capital, ideas, and values; and popular discourse and representations of global children and youth.

To join this CRNs, please sign up here: You must be a listserv member to send and receive emails.

To post to the listserv, email:

General information about the mailing list is located at

We hope you will consider actively participating and proposing your own CRN today (Click here for more information!

Warm regards,

Michele Statz ( and Lauren Heidbrink (
Hosts of CRN_Mobilities