Collaborative Research Networks

Anthropology of Children and Youth Interest Group

The Anthropology of Children and Youth Interest Group (ACYIG) is pleased to announce the launch of Collaborative Research Networks (CRNs). Modeled after Law and Society’s research networks, CRNs provide an opportunity for ACYIG members to develop and lead inter-disciplinary groups of scholars, practitioners, and students around specific thematic interests. Collaborative Research Networks may involve activities such as email groups, listservs, calls to action, op-eds, organizing conference panels, etc.

ACYIG requires that the CRNs contribute to scholarly issues relevant to ACYIG membership and be led by an active ACYIG member. ACYIG strongly encourages inter-disciplinary and international membership. Membership within CRNs is open to the public. 

ACYIG’s current CRNs:

Proposing a New CRN

If you would like to propose a new CRN, we invite you to complete the CRN Application and email it to ACYIG board member, Elisha Oliver at Applications will be reviewed by the ACYIG advisory board.

Joining Current CRNs

If you want to join an existing ACYIG CRN, please email the organizer and provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Affiliation
  • Email address
  • Areas of interest and how they relate to the specific CRN

Renewals of a CRN

ACYIG asks that each CRN renew its information every three years. Please submit your renewal using the CRN Renewal form and email it to To update the CRN organizer’s contact information, please email

Download more information & application instructionsACYIG Collaborative Research Networks