Anthropology of Children and Youth Seminar (Amsterdam)

Researching and Reporting on Human Trafficking with a Particular Focus on the Trafficking of Minors

Thursday 16 October 10.30-12.00, room Z-113, Metropolitan Building, VU University Amsterdam

Ieke de Vries
Researcher at the Office of the Dutch National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings and Sexual Violence against Children

There is increasing awareness of human trafficking in the Netherlands and at the international level. To tackle a hidden problem such as human trafficking, it must be made visible. A complicating matter is that human trafficking can take different forms, it can occur for different reasons, and individual traffickers as well as criminal organizations may be involved. The way governments or non-governmental organizations assess the criminal component also determines what measures will be taken to combat it. And even though there is more awareness, questions remain like: What is the role of researchers (both quantitative and qualitative) studying human trafficking and how do they contribute to the question of visibility? By means of concrete examples on human trafficking – with a focus on the trafficking of minors, the seminar will look into the various ways for researching the phenomenon.

VU University is located at a 10-minutes’ walk from Amsterdam Zuid railway station. The Metropolitan Building is located opposite the University’s main building, across the tramway. Tram stop ‘De Boelelaan / VU’ is served by tram lines 5 and 51.

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