AAA registration deadline – choose ACC (ACYIG) as second review section

Lots of great ACYIG sessions are coming together – you won’t want to miss this year’s meetings! So this is one last reminder that (A) when you submit your proposal, choose ACC as the second review section (the AAA hasn’t yet updated their system to reflect our name change…), and (B) Tuesday, April 15th at midnight EASTERN TIME is the last possible moment that you can register to get on the program. As per AAA rules, there is absolutely no recourse if you miss the deadline for registering. This year’s AAA program chairs explain:

“Anyone who has not registered will be automatically dropped from the system. Session proposals will go to Section reviewers without unregistered names attached to it. There are no exceptions to this rule (because we can’t add people to the system…they do it through the registration process). Session organizers need to hound listed participants for roundtables and panels to register or they’ll end up with a broken session that goes to Section Program Chairs for review and it will be weighed against proposals with a complete set of participants. AAA will reimburse anyone registered for a session that is not accepted to the program.”

Happy Spring,

from ACYIG