Drawing Talks

Julie Spray, PhD (University of Galway)

NEOS Issue 15, Volume 2, Fall 2023

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Author Biography 

Dr. Julie Spray is a medical and childhood anthropologist who researches children’s perspectives on health using child-centred, ethnographic and arts-based methods. She is currently a lecturer in Children’s Studies at the University of Galway, where she teaches an interdisciplinary course called “Comics, Childhood and the Alternative”. As part of her “alternative” pedagogical approach for this class she also completes the assignments; this comic is her self-directed project for the 2023 class, and addresses her personal learning goal of conveying ethnographic narrative through comic form. She is author of The Children in Child Health: Negotiating Young Lives and Health in New Zealand (Rutgers Series in Childhood Studies, 2020). 

Author contact: Julie Spray, PhD (University of Galway), julie.spray@universityofgalway.ie 

To cite this article: Spray, Julie. 2023. “Drawing Talks.” NEOS 15 (2).  

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