Call for Neos Submissions – Special Section on Child and Youth Displacement

ACYIG is now soliciting submissions for the October 2018 issue of Neos. We are accepting submissions on a rolling basis between Monday, August 13 and Friday, September 7. The final deadline for submission is Friday, September 7. If possible, please notify me of your intent to submit by the start of the rolling period (August 13), so that I can identify peer reviewers in a timely manner. You will be able to find this call on our blog site shortly. In the meantime, you can also refer to it here. All material should be sent to me at

Please consider the following types of submissions:

(1000 words or less, including references)

Special Section Topic in October 2018 Issue:
Child and Youth Displacement

Neos is aware of the current discourses on child and youth displacements that penetrate the geo-political sphere. In the wake of the politics of child separation, we’ve decided to dedicate a special section in the October 2018 issue to scholars who work in the areas of child/youth/family migration, -separation, -displacement, adoption, and trauma. We encourage explorations on these topics through an anthropological lens and will prioritize articles that can draw on one of the following: Ethnographies or field work, interdisciplinarity or intersectionality, and your childhood and youth work’s impact on your own theoretical, methodological, or pedagogical understandings in anthropology. While this special section topic was chosen due to its contemporary reference, we invite submissions dealing with all geographic regions and historic periods.

All peer-reviewed articles submitted to this call should fall into this special section topic. Previously reviewed and accepted articles whose publication was delayed to the October 2018 issue will still be published in this issue. Unfortunately, previously submitted articles pending review will not be considered for this issue. Features (see below) will not be affected by the special section topic.

Please note that Features will not be affected by this issue’s special section topic.

Letters to the Editor (250 words or less), in which members comment on Neos and/or its contents.

Obituaries (250 words or less), in which members share memories of an anthropologist of children & youth. Please notify the Editor of your intent to submit an obituary.

Photos from the Field, which should be accompanied by a caption of 30 words or less explaining the context of the photo.

Unsung Heroes of ACYIG (1000 words or less),in which members interview an important contributor to ACYIG. Please notify the Editor of your intent to submit an interview. See the February 2016 issue for an example (p. 16).

New Book Announcements (250 words or less), which must include the title, author, publisher (and the book series, if applicable), date of publication, and listing price of the book, in addition to a description of the contents. If possible, please send, as a separate attachment, a digital image of the book cover.

Member News (200 words or less), in which members may submit job announcements and research opportunities; grants/prizes available; calls for papers and conference announcements; recent appointments; grants received and/or prizes awarded; publication announcements; and other professional achievements.

Correction Notices may be submitted to the editor if Neoshas printed an error in a previous issue.

Please refer to the General Submission Guidelines (“How to Prepare a Submission” – also listed below) and Author Agreement for Publication on our website for more detailed information. All material should be sent to

I welcome your inquiries and expressions of interest, and look forward to receiving your submissions!
Victoria Holec, Editor

If you have further questions about how to prepare your submission, please contact the Neos Editor at