New ACYIG YouTube Channel

Dear ACYIG community,

We are excited to announce that we’ve recently launched a New YouTube Channel.

The channel includes content from our previous channel as well as new content more recently provided by our members.

The purpose of this channel is simply to consolidate all audiovisual material that can be useful for teaching about different topics related to children and youth. For example, we currently have sub-sections that include material on “Children and the Media,” “Children and Race,” and “Children and Gender.”

We invite you to 1) subscribe to our channel and 2) share any relevant materials with us. What are some of the videos that you turn to when teaching about children and youth?  Materials could include videos on: race, gender, sexuality, migration, education, development, cultural psychology, play, consumption, the state, globalization, you name it!

Suggestions can be sent via FacebookTwitter, or E-mail. We look forward to collaborating with you to further the resources available to our ACYIG community!