CfP AAA 2016: Disordered Work and the Late Liberal Household

From the Uber driver, to the Etsy-preneur, to the unpaid intern, an array of emerging labor forms are stretching and puncturing our analytic categories of work. Variably termed “contingent,” “Post-Fordist,” or “precarious,” such forms of work have disordered conceptions of employment in varied cultural contexts.

AAA Annual Meeting 2016, November 16-20th, Minneapolis
Panel Organizer: Susan Hill (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
Title: Disordered Work and the Late Liberal Household

Joining with recent literature in the anthropologies of finance and capitalism, this panel aims to bring the anthropology of work into the household to theorize these late liberal labor forms and trace their articulation with understandings and practices of kinship, aging, and intimacy. This panel seeks papers that address the following:

• How is the rise of late liberal work mediated through relations of the household?
• How can household-centric ethnography generate theory on emerging forms of work?

Possible paper topics might investigate the relationship of late liberal labor to the following (among others):
– co-living practices and household configurations
– renting
– conceptions of time, aging, and the life course
– intimacy, dating, and sexuality in the household
– marriage practices
– conceptions of adulthood
– parenthood and child-rearing
– household and community reciprocity
-gender in the household
-domestic aesthetics, materiality, and consumption practices
-food production and household subsistence strategies
-care work in the household
-debt, finance products, and the household
-digital technologies in the household
-security and coping strategies in the household
-unemployment and householding strategies
-class subjectivities and the household

Please send abstracts to Susan Hill (hill55@uwm.eduby March 31st for notification by April 4th.