Journal of Playwark Practice – new issue just released

Second issue of 2015 now out

Journal of Playwork Practice (JPP), published in association with Common Threads, is the first academic journal in the playwork field and provides an international platform for the publication and dissemination of scholarship relevant to playwork practice.  The journal is available as a print journal with an online version.

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Editorial (free to read)
Shelly Newstead

Engaging children in activities beyond the classroom walls: a social–ecological exploration of Australian primary school children’s enjoyment of school play activities 
Brendon Hyndman, Barbara Chancellor

The Possible Futures for Playwork project: a thematic analysis 

Pete King

Preliminary development of a new method for exploring the acceptability of playwork interventions with children: the Day Reconstruction Method – Child version (DRM-C) 
Rebecca Jenkin, Ian Frampton, Mathew White, Sabine Pahl, Niky Dix

Practice: searching and re/searching 
Jennifer Cartmel

There’s no full stop after playwork: co-creating space on an adventure playground 
John Fitzpatrick, Bridget Handscomb

The efficiency of playwork as a universal service 
Ross Podyma

Assessing play sufficiency in Wrexham, Wales 
Mike Barclay, Ben Tawil

Early reflections from the Play Works project 
Tilean Clarke

Janet Dalglish, MBE (1919–2007) 
Ute Navidi

New play opportunities in a Papua New Guinean school 
Kym Simoncini, Victoria Carr Sue Elliott, Elisapesi Manson, Lalen Simeon; Joros Sawi

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