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Call for Papers

The editors of Arc: The Journal of the Faculty of Religious Studies are pleased to announce the call for papers for an upcoming 2016 special issue (Vol. 43). We welcome article submissions addressing the challenges involved in developing educational approaches that promote religious diversity and mutual understanding while preventing forms of religious extremism and radicalization. This theme represents an intersection between the study of religion, education and public policy. Article submissions, however, may address that intersection from a wide range of academic disciples that further include, but are not limited to:

  • Anthropology
  •  Childhood studies
  •  Comparative religions
  • Ethics
  • Gender
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Politics
  • Sociology

Arc is an interdisciplinary, refereed journal published annually by the Faculty of Religious Studies, McGill University. The journal combines the talents of professors and graduate students in offering space for scholarly discussions on various aspects of the academic study of religion, including method and theory in the study of religion.

Arc encourages submissions from diverse religious traditions and perspectives. The submission deadline is January 25, 2016. For detailed submission guidelines, please consult the Guidelines for Contributors (PDF) on our website. All electronic correspondence should be sent to the editors of this special issue, Michael Gollner and Jon Waind, at the following email address: