New ACYIG Listserv

After years of using a listserv hosted by American University (ACIG-L@LISTSERV.AMERICAN.EDU), we have transitioned to a AAA-hosted listserv. Our new listserv email address is:

ACYIG Members:

If you are a AAA Member who has elected to join the Interest Group by selecting us during the membership enrollment process, you will be automatically added to our listserv within one month of enrollment. If you would like to enroll sooner manually, please visit and fill out the section Subscribing to AAA_ACYIG.

Please note that listserv membership is open to the public! Anyone may subscribe by visiting the link above, regardless of AAA membership status. You must be a listserv member to send and receive email through it.

Disable Your Account:

If you would prefer not to receive email from us, you need to disable your account by emailing with your request. Unsubscribing yourself is not a permanent solution because you will be automatically added again the following month if your membership in the Interest Group is still current. For this reason we do not recommend that users unsubscribe themselves. If, in the future, you change your email address with the AAA, you will need to repeat this process. You may also re-enable your account by contacting the List Administrator at the above email address.

We hope that members will choose to stay on the listserv, as this is our main platform for sharing information with you.

Subscription Options:

If you would like to change your subscription options (switch to/from digest mode, change your password, etc), or have your password emailed to you, you can login to your subscription page also using the link:

Please feel free to contact us at with any questions.

Warm regards,
Lauren Heidbrink