CFP: Learning, Education, Identities, and Musical Experiences: Ethnographic Approaches

Infancia_c Workshop #3  – April 17-18, 2015 – Madrid, Spain

This small two-day conference/workshop welcomes empirical and methodological papers that document and discuss the place of music and closely related expressive practices in the daily lives of people across the life-span and in a variety of institutional and socio-cultural settings. We are particularly interested in studies that can make a contribution to one or both of the following strands of discussion:

(1) Studies in which learning processes and practices, conceptually defined in a variety of ways and either in formal or informal settings, occupy a privileged position.

(2) Papers that expand traditional forms of ethnographic fieldwork and analysis, pay attention to multi-modal and multi-sensorial aspects of experience or incorporate participatory approaches and/or document digital on-line contexts.

Papers may examine engagement in music by professional musicians or amateurs, by social actors for whom musical engagement plays a central role in their identities and life-projects or studies that examine the location of music within the daily lives and social practices of music fans or more casual “music consumers”. The selection of papers will attempt to capture a full range of socio-cultural contexts, scenarios and social actors for which musical experiences plays an analytically relevant role.

Submission process and dates


Send 500 word abstracts to: . In a single document include the following information: (a) author details: name and affiliation; (b) abstract indicating clearly research context and procedures for “empirical” papers or central methodological questions for “methodological” papers; (c) if necessary, additional information regarding the type of presentation the authors would like to prepare.


Call for papers: November 2014
Submission deadline: 16 January 2015
Decision notification: 6 February 2015
Registration and submission of pre-conference materials: before 21 March 2015
Workshop: 1718 April 2015