CFP: Child Studies in Asia-Pacific Contexts

Child Studies in Asia-Pacific Contexts (CSAC) is a multidisciplinary international journal that publishes papers on children’s development in diverse social and cultural contexts in Asia Pacific region. CSAC’s paramount aim is to examine biological, emotional, cognitive, social, and cultural development of children; the role of social and cultural contexts, such as family, educare setting, school, and community, in children’s development; the interaction between development and context; and its theoretical and practical implications, including social policies for children. We welcome studies that present results of primary scientific research.  Case studies or policy reports that are not based on scientific research with sound methodology are not considered for publication. 

Now accepting papers for publication in the 2015 February issue.

The submission deadline for publication in the February issue has been extended to November 30, 2014. 

To submit, please visit our homepage at