‘Parenting Culture Studies’ now published

‘Parenting Culture Studies’, a new book in Palgrave’s Family, Relationships and Personal Lifeseries, has just been published. Please find a discount order form  attached.


Introduction; Ellie Lee
1. Intensive Parenting and the Expansion of Parenting; Charlotte Faircloth
2. Experts and Parenting Culture; Ellie Lee
3. The Politics of Parenting; Jan Macvarish
4. Who Cares for Children? The Problem of Intergenerational Contact; Jennie Bristow
1. Policing Pregnancy: The Pregnant Woman who Drinks; Ellie Lee
2. The Problem of ‘Attachment’: The ‘Detached’ Parent; Charlotte Faircloth
3. Babies’ Brains and Parenting Policy: The ‘Insensitive’ Mother; Jan Macvarish
4. Intensive Fatherhood? The (Un)involved Dad; Charlotte Faircloth
5. The Double Bind of Parenting Culture: Helicopter Parents and Cotton Wool Kids; Jennie Bristow
Conclusion; Ellie Lee

What reviewers are saying about Parenting Culture Studies:

“These essays represent a sophisticated and courageous examination of parenting orthodoxies that have passed too easily into fact…. Sober, trenchant, witty and important.” – Zoe Williams, The Guardian 

“The authors of this timely collection are in the forefront of analyses of contemporary parenting. The discourses and practices of parenting are rarely held up for sustained critique. Readers of this book will be challenged to question the politics and rationales of parenting cultures in this provocative and cogently argued book.” – Deborah Lupton, University of Sydney, Australia

“This terrific collection of essays probes and destroys many of the reigning orthodoxies that have turned 21st century parenting into an activity marked by cultural and individual anxiety and the over-involvement of experts and policymakers. The scholars contributing to this volume together make a profound contribution to the study of parenting culture.” – Janet Golden, Rutgers University, USA

You can also watch the authors talk about the book in these films made by Faculti Media