FP: Children and Young People in Times of Conflict and Change: child rights in the Middle East and North Africa

Global Studies of Childhood
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CALL FOR PAPERS for a special issue
Children and Young People in Times of Conflict and Change: child rights in the Middle East and North Africa
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Global Studies of Childhood (GSC) is a peer-reviewed, internationally focused, online research journal. The journal provides an opportunity for researchers, university and college students and professionals who are interested in issues associated with childhood in education, family, and community contexts from a global perspective to present, share and discuss their work. GSC aims to present opportunities for scholars and emerging researchers to interrogate the ways in which globalization and new global perspectives impact on children’s life experiences.

Global Studies of Childhood is a space for research and discussion about issues that pertain to children in a world context, and in contemporary times the impact of global imperatives on the lives of children has been significant. Experiences of childhood that take place within the situated spaces of geographic locales and culturally specific frames of reference are subject to global forces that complicate, disrupt and reconfigure the meanings associated with childhood/s on the local and global stage.

Here we use childhood when referring to a socially constructed category whose parameters are not necessarily fixed by factors such as biological development or chronological age. GSC is therefore interested in issues that pertain to childhood, here broadly conceived, and the challenges these pose to children’s lives and futures in an increasingly complex world. Issues around what constitutes childhood are therefore fundamental to discussions, as are ways in which we need to ensure that all children have basic human rights and are protected from exploitation.

In canvassing and promoting quality research we hope to be better able to understand the lives of children and extend our notions about the ways in which Global Studies of Childhood can make a contribution to educational, cultural and social theory in strategic and significant ways. GSC will enable the significant issues to be showcased and interrogated in a dedicated space. This will include interdisciplinary research, using various research design and methodologies.

The Editors and Editorial Advisory Board encourage the submission of a relevant high quality manuscripts that will include: reports of research and conceptual pieces; commentaries on published research articles, literature reviews; book reviews; colloquia and from time to time we will commission special editions and commentaries.

The primary audience for Global Studies in Childhood will be those in Education, Social Science and Humanities Programs, as well as professional educators and those involved in associated family and community services (for example, social welfare workers, health workers, and those working for NGOs). The journal aims to assist readers from a range of disciplinary and professional fields towards a better understanding of the substantive issues facing children globally. The multi-disciplinary focus ensures that the journal is relevant to professionals from a wide variety of inter-related disciplines that consider issues related to the lives of young children. For example, these may include social workers, allied health professionals and policy-makers as well as professionals who conduct research into the social contexts of education, literacy and numeracy, the new information technologies, the sciences and the arts. Additionally, it has a broad appeal to teachers and researchers interested in specific aspects and applications of curriculum, popular culture and social issues related to young children.

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