Special issue of Social Science & Medicine


We are writing to solicit ideas and feedback regarding a proposal for a special issue of Social Science & Medicine. This special issue will be dedicated to the examination of masculinity and traditional male gender norms as they impact societal integration, physical and mental health, and help-seeking and utilization of healthcare within military and veteran populations. We are specifically interested in examining these topics across the lifespan in societies and communities in which government-sponsored military status or non-governmental militarism may influence male identity. In advance of submitting a formal proposal for a special issue, we are reaching out to academics and researchers such as yourself who may be interested in submitting papers on these topics.

We wish to gauge your interest in submitting a paper for this special issue. We would also welcome ideas and suggestions for tailoring this proposal in accordance with the journal’s mission to represent international and cross discipline perspectives, including work within the fields of medicine, anthropology, and social and clinical psychology. Finally, we would be very grateful for any suggestions you might have as to the names (along with contact information) of colleagues who might be interested discussing the proposed special issue and/or submitting a paper in line with these topics.  We are hopeful that, providing reference to other academics interested in participating through paper submission, our proposal for a special issue will be well received by the journal editors.

Thank you in advance for any thoughts, suggestions, and willingness to contribute to this proposal idea.

If you are interested please e-mail Samantha Solimeo at: Samantha.solimeo@va.gov