CFP: Researching children’s everyday lives: socio-cultural contexts

5th International Conference

Title: Researching children’s everyday lives: socio-cultural contexts
Dates: Tuesday 1st – Thursday 3rd July 2014
Venue: The Kenwood Hall Hotel, Sheffield, UK
Key Note Speakers:
Professor Pia Christensen, University of Leeds, UK
Dr Tom Cockburn, University of Bradford UK
Professor Margaret Mackey, University of Alberta, Canada

This conference will explore the idea of the ‘everyday’ as a key component of children’s lives, past and present and cross culturally.  To do this means moving away from a ‘problem’ focus on children and childhood by recognising that what counts as the mundane and every day for different children can be radically diverse in different times and places.

Examples of themes to be explored might include:

•      Historical aspects of children’s everyday lives
•      Children’s everyday experiences of living in poverty or experiencing war and conflict
•      Cross-cultural differences in the ‘everyday’
•      Everyday life and children’s agency
•      Theoretical and methodological approaches to understanding everyday life
•      Intergenerational relations in the nature  and flow of children’s everyday life

Those wishing to organise small symposia around a specific theme are also invited to submit a proposal.

Abstracts of no more than 200 words for papers, posters and symposia should be sent to the conference administrator, Dawn, by January 31st 2014.  For full details on submitting abstracts check out our conference page:

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