The Call for Papers is now open for IUAES2014, an IUAES inter-congress, taking place in Chiba City, Japan, 15th to 18th May 2014.

Please visit the website to view the list of accepted panels and propose your abstracts directly to specific panels:

Please note that panels may be either closed or open: closed panels will not receive proposals from the general public, but are composed of previously agreed presentations, that will need entering online via a specific link given to the panel convenors, who will send it on to their contributors.

Open panels will have a link on the panel page allowing visitors to the website to propose their papers directly to the panel.

Please keep in mind also that delegates may only make one presentation. Delegates may also convene one panel, plenary session, or roundtable; or be discussant in one panel, plenary session, or roundtable.

The deadline for paper submissions is January 9th, 2014.