Call for Contributions for the February 2014 Newsletter

Dear ACYIG Members,

Happy holidays! ACYIG is now soliciting contributions for the February 2014issue. Please note that we have changed the submission deadline dates. We will now accept submissions on a rolling basis between Monday, December 16, 2013 and Monday, January 6, 2014. The final deadline for submission isMonday, January 6th, 2014. If possible, please notify me of your intent to submit by the start of the rolling period (i.e. December 16th). It is our hope that this modified timeline will facilitate an enhanced review and revision process.

All material should be sent to me at Please consider the following types of submissions:

Columns (1000 words or less, including references)

“Methods & Ethics in the Anthropology of Childhood,” in which members explore the methods and ethics associated with doing research on, or with, children

A “Childhood & _____________” column (you fill in the blank!), in which members discuss a topic of interest to their research

”My Favorite Ethnography of Childhood,” in which members discuss their favorite classic or contemporary ethnography of children or childhood and why

”My Experiences/Intersections with Interdisciplinary Research on Children,” in which members investigate the value, pitfalls, and lessons associated with combining anthropological research with that of other disciplines to study children


Letters to the Editor (200 words or less)

New Book Announcements

Professional Opportunities

  • Job announcements
  • Research Opportunities
  • Grants/Prizes Available
  • Calls for Papers/Abstracts
  • Conference Announcements

Member News/Professional Updates

  • Recent Appointments
  • Grants Received
  • Prizes Awarded
  • Any other achievements or publications that members would like to announce

Photos from Fieldwork (with caption of 30 words or less)

I welcome your inquiries and expressions of interest, and look forward to receiving your submissions. Specific formatting guidelines are available on our website at

Aviva Sinervo