CFP – Special Issue: Global Childhood Studies

Bridging the divide: Researching Children/ Young People and Sexuality 

Guest Editors
Nelly Ali (Birkbeck)
Joe Hall (University of Hull)

After a great success of our paper and panel sessions at the RGS Annual
Conference, we are very pleased to share that we have secured a special
edition volume of the peer reviewed journal Global Childhood Studies.

The sub-fields of children’s and youth geographies and geographies of
sexualities often deal with intersecting themes that cross-cut the
(seemingly) mutually exclusive nature of these fields. In our proposed
sessions we aim to bring these themes to the forefront and bridge the divide
between these geographical sub-fields by prompting a stimulating discussion
between children’s and youth geographers (and scholars of childhood and
youth more broadly) and researchers of sexuality. We hope this long overdue
interaction will kick start a rich and rewarding dialogue that may continue
for years to

We are seeking abstracts for a methodologically focused collected edition
that we hope will address the practical aspects of conducting research with
children/ young people around issues of sexuality. This may include papers
given by early career researchers who have, or are about to explore a topic
of sexuality with children/ young people in contrasting socio-cultural
contexts. It may also include papers by experienced researchers who may be
able to offer insight and practical advice for conducting ethically sound
research with various types of children/ young people. We also welcome
papers that explore innovative approaches to data collection and analysis.

Please submit proposed titles and abstracts of no more than 500 words to
Nelly Ali ( and Joe Hall ( by
29th December 2013.


Abstracts in: 29th December 2013
Acceptance communicated 15th January 2014
First Draft of Papers: 15th March 2014
Reviews Complete 15th May 2014
Modifications: 30th June 2014
Checks and Editorial: 1st August 2014
Final Version ready for submission 15th September 2014