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Neos highlights—Childhood and Infantilized Pets

Dogs in strollers, doggie daycare, doggie play dates… Have you ever wondered when these became part of modern urban life? Learn more about how dogs became children’s best friends in Melis Sulos’s article “Childhood and Infantilized Pets,” on pp. 7-8 of the October 2016 issue of Neos (

Neos highlights—Raising Spirit and Decolonizing Methods

On a clear prairie day this August, I found myself sitting at the Board of Education of the Piikani Nation listening to two staffers respond to photographs of Blackfoot families engaged in childrearing. The photos had been taken by parents associated with Opokaa’sin Early Intervention Society, a non-profit devoted to Aboriginal children and families in southern Alberta….

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Meet the new NEOS Editor – Véronique Gilbert

Véronique Gilbert – NEOS Editor

Véronique Gilbert is currently completing her PhD in Social Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh (UK). Her dissertation, Mokk Pooj: Gender, Interpretive Labour and Sexual Imaginary in Senegal’s Art/Work of Seduction, examines the evolving gender relationships exposed by and contested through the Senegalese art of seduction, mokk pooj. It explores how imagining and responding to men’s needs and desires allows women to negotiate power and exert agency in a Muslim, patriarchal, polygamous context. Continue reading Meet the new NEOS Editor – Véronique Gilbert


The October 2016 issue of Neos is now available for your reading pleasure at

Some highlights:

  • How Old Am I? A Methodological Solution (Samantha L. Grace (U of Arizona)
  • Raising Spirit and Decolonizing Methods (Kristine Alexander (U of Lethbridge), Amy Mack (U of Lethbridge), Jan Newberry (U of Lethbridge), Erin Spring (U of Lethbridge))
  • Childhood and Infantilized Pets (Melis Sulos (CUNY))
  • Positioning Anthropology at the Intersection of Pediatric Injury and Motor Vehicle Collision: A Need for Interdisciplinary Action (Nazia Hussain (Children’s Medical Center Dallas))
  • Photos from the Field: “Shake your shoulders with us”  (Pamela Feldman-Savelsberg (Carleton College))

    Let us know what you think! Share your reactions in a Letter to the Editor at [email protected].

The Rutgers Series in Childhood Studies at the AAA (2016)

Publish your book on children, childhood, adolescence and/or youth with the Rutgers Series in Childhood Studies!

The Rutgers Series in Childhood Studies is dedicated to increasing our understanding of children and childhoods throughout the world, reflecting a perspective that highlights cultural dimensions of the human experience. The series, now edited by Jill E. Korbin and EJ Sobo, seeks proposals for books that will make important contributions to the study of children and childhoods, adolescence, and youth.
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Neos: Call for New Social Media Coordinator

Patrick Alexander will conclude his participation as Social Media Coordinator at the end of this calendar year and we are looking for an enthusiastic, social-media savvy volunteer to take his place. Continue reading Neos: Call for New Social Media Coordinator

Prominent childhood scholars to present at SCCR 2017

AYCIG members are invited to the 2017 Society for Cross Cultural Research Conference in New Orleans, LA.  The keynotes will cover topics as diverse as the socialization of infants around the world, sex, evolution, and the end of male supremacy, and cultural styles of leadership. We have invited several prominent scholars, Mel Konner, Carolyn Pope-Edwards, Gilda Morelli, Joseph Trimble, and Lisa Molix. Continue reading Prominent childhood scholars to present at SCCR 2017

CFA: Open Board Positions (2) – ACYIG

At the end of this year, two of our colleagues –Aviva Sinervo and Heather Rae Espinoza — will be finishing their terms on the ACYIG Board. This is part of the Board’s planned rotation schedule, and I would like to thank Aviva and Heather for their leadership in supporting ACYIG over the years.

With these departures, there are now two open board positions to be filled. Per tradition, ACYIG conducts open board appointments whenever possible. The ACYIG Board appoints new board members from among a pool of candidates who have submitted letters of interest for open positions. Board appointments are two-year positions (with a possibility to renew for a third) and typically require attendance at the annual meeting of the AAA and one biennial ACYIG conference during one’s tenure.

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