REMINDER: Deadline for applications for consideration for open Board member positions is Sunday, December 15th

Hello ACYIG Members,

This is just a reminder that the ACYIG Board is currently conducting open appointments for two Board Member positions, and that the deadline to submit an application for consideration is Sunday, December 15th.

Board appointments are considered to be two-year positions and typically require attendance at the annual meeting of the AAA and the annual ACYIG joint conference during one’s tenure.

ACYIG Board member duties include: maintaining official interest group status with AAA; optimizing professional opportunities for members available via AAA; overseeing and growing professional presence within and outside AAA; and organizing the annual ACYIG joint conference.If you would like to be considered for one of the two open positions on the ACYIG Board, please email one to two paragraphs to Dr. Rachael Stryker at[email protected] stating why you would like to become a Board member and what you feel you can bring to ACYIG. Please be sure to include your name, title, affiliation (academic or otherwise) and email/phone number so that we can respond to you.

The ACYIG Board will make decisions by January 15, 2014, and notify you soon after. Your duties as an ACYIG Board Member begin on February 1, 2014, and your appointment will be confirmed at the ACYIG business meeting in Charleston, SC late that month when you are formally introduced to the membership.

If you have any questions about ACYIG Board member duties or this open Board appointment process, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am happy to answer them.


Rachael Stryker

CFP: Pain, Illness, Trauma and Death in Childhood

CFP: Pain, Illness, Trauma and Death in Childhood

University of Greenwich, Centre for the Study of Play and Recreation, with
the Society for the Study of Childhood in the Past and the London Network
for the History of Children

1st February 2014, Maritime Greenwich Campus, London SE10 9LS, Queen Anne
075, Queen Anne 063.

Call for Papers

Pain, illness, trauma and death are intrinsic to the shaping of childhood
and to the experience of being a child. In the past, pain could be perceived
as beneficial, either in forming character or bringing the subject closer to
God. In the present, the enormous popularity of łmisery memoirs˛ raises
questions as to why the theme of abuse has such resonance in the twentieth
and twenty-first century western world.
Topics include, but are not restricted to:
–Contributions from history, sociology, anthropology, archaeology, literary
studies, psychology, philosophy, geography or health studies;
–Pain, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual, including that inflicted
by children
–Discipline and punishment
–Analysis of the ways changing patterns of illness shaped the experience of
–Methodological approaches (such as the history of the emotions) or
different sources (such as visual or material culture)  for analysing the
experiences of children and their carers
–Childrenąs experiences of war, including the First World War
Please e-mail abstracts of 250-300 words to  [email protected] The
conference is free, but registration (via this e-mail address) is required.
Deadline 31st December 2013.
Dr Mary Clare Martin, Centre for the Study of Play and Recreation, Faculty
of Education and Health, University of Greenwich

Centre for the Study of Play and Recreation
School of Education
University of Greenwich
Avery Hill Campus

University of Greenwich, a charity and company limited by guarantee,
registered in England (reg no. 986729).  Registered Office: Old Royal Naval
College, Park Row, Greenwich SE10 9LS

Final Reminder – Abstracts for ACYIG Annual Conference Due TODAY 12/2/2013

2014 ACYIG Conference Will be Held in Charleston, South Carolina, February 12th-15th

Deadline for Abstract Submission: TODAY Monday, Dec. 2, 2013

The ACYIG Board cordially invites ACYIG members to join scholars from the Anthropology of Children and Youth Interest Group (ACYIG) of the American Anthropological Association (AAA), the Division of International Psychology (Division 52) of the American Psychological Association (APA), and the Society for Cross-Cultural Research (SCCR) at next year’s Fifth Annual Meeting of ACYIG.

The conference will be held from February 12 to February 15, 2014 at the historic Francis Marion Hotel in Charleston, SC. Some may remember that ACYIG held its joint meetings with SCCR in Charleston in 2011—it was an extremely popular conference, and we look forward to returning to this wonderful venue.

Submitting Abstracts:

Anyone who would like to have work considered for inclusion within an ACYIG poster session, paper session, symposium, panel discussion, or conversation hour at the conference may submit an abstract of the work (200 words maximum) by Monday, December 2, 2013.

A link to descriptions of the five possible presentation formats as well as submission forms are available at the SCCR 2014 conference page:

Registration Information:

Conference registration rates are:

Members: $130 by 13 January 2014, $140 after 13 January 2014
Non-members: $140 by 13 January 2014, $150 after 13 January 2014
Retirees: $80 by 13 January 2014, $85 after 13 January 2014
Students: $50 by 13 January 2014, $60 after 13 January 2014

Banquet (all are invited): $55

The conference hotel, which is conveniently located within walking distance of boutiques, eateries, and historic landmarks, has a block of rooms for conference attendees at the rate of $154/night that you may access online via:

You should not need a login code but may use “SCCR” without quotation marks if necessary. You may also call (843) 722-0600 or (877) 756-2121 and mention “SCCR” if you prefer.

Please feel free to share information about the 2014 conference with interested others and to contact Elisa Sobo ([email protected]) or Rachael Stryker ([email protected]edu) if you have any questions. You may also direct inquiries to [email protected].

We look forward to seeing many of you in Charleston!

Call for Contributions for the February 2014 Newsletter

Dear ACYIG Members,

Happy holidays! ACYIG is now soliciting contributions for the February 2014issue. Please note that we have changed the submission deadline dates. We will now accept submissions on a rolling basis between Monday, December 16, 2013 and Monday, January 6, 2014. The final deadline for submission isMonday, January 6th, 2014. If possible, please notify me of your intent to submit by the start of the rolling period (i.e. December 16th). It is our hope that this modified timeline will facilitate an enhanced review and revision process.

All material should be sent to me at [email protected]. Please consider the following types of submissions:

Columns (1000 words or less, including references)

“Methods & Ethics in the Anthropology of Childhood,” in which members explore the methods and ethics associated with doing research on, or with, children

A “Childhood & _____________” column (you fill in the blank!), in which members discuss a topic of interest to their research

”My Favorite Ethnography of Childhood,” in which members discuss their favorite classic or contemporary ethnography of children or childhood and why

”My Experiences/Intersections with Interdisciplinary Research on Children,” in which members investigate the value, pitfalls, and lessons associated with combining anthropological research with that of other disciplines to study children


Letters to the Editor (200 words or less)

New Book Announcements

Professional Opportunities

  • Job announcements
  • Research Opportunities
  • Grants/Prizes Available
  • Calls for Papers/Abstracts
  • Conference Announcements

Member News/Professional Updates

  • Recent Appointments
  • Grants Received
  • Prizes Awarded
  • Any other achievements or publications that members would like to announce

Photos from Fieldwork (with caption of 30 words or less)

I welcome your inquiries and expressions of interest, and look forward to receiving your submissions. Specific formatting guidelines are available on our website at

Aviva Sinervo

Doctoral studentship, Colonial Childhoods, University of Hull

Funded PhD Studentship: Producing the Geographies of Childhood in Colonial Africa: Children’s Lives in Twentieth-Century Nyasaland

University of Hull , U. K.

Orthodox histories of European imperialism in Africa often celebrate formal institutions, high politics and the roles of ‘Great White Men’ in the constitution of colonial territory and society. Key figures such as Rhodes and Livingstone were significant, but they are not the whole story and these approaches neglect other marginalised social groups who also constituted the European presence in Africa. Feminist critiques have retrieved some women’s experiences in Africa as explorers, travel writers, colonial officer’s wives, teachers, nurses and missionaries.

These accounts have enriched understandings of everyday life in the colonies and offer alternative perspectives on issues of race, gender and authority. However, European colonial children remain a group routinely, and almost entirely, overlooked. This doctoral studentship will uncover and retell the stories of European children in Nyasaland whose colonial childhoods were distinct and deserve academic attention.

Children were a highly significant and distinctive presence within European colonial society. Their lives were framed by the racial hierarchies that striated colonial society: being white meant they were instantly privileged, although gender and class also inflected their status and opportunities. Likewise, illness and stark levels of child mortality also marked their lives. Many died in the colonies which shaped how families understood their ‘colonial service’ abroad. Distance also shaped these lives – with many children leading dislocated lives: being born and raised abroad and always distant from ‘home’.

This study is informed by historical children’s geographies and will develop work on the geographies of European colonial children by retrieving and retelling the stories of European children in Nyasaland 1889-1964. The studentship will examine colonial children’s life worlds and uncover their voices through autobiographies and memoirs, diaries, letters and photographs. Through archival work (in Britain and Malawi – funds available) and interviews with former colonial children this study will address research questions such as: How were the historical geographies of European settlement in Africa experienced differently by generational groups (parents and children)? How did colonial hierarchies of age and generation intersect with gender, class and racial hierarchies? What do the micro-historical geographies of families from the period of Empire look like?

In order to qualify for this scholarship you will require at least a 2.1, but preferably a Masters degree, in a relevant subject.

Full-time UK/EU PhD Scholarship will include fees at the‘home/EU’ student rate and maintenance (£13,726 in 2014/15) for three years, depending on satisfactory progress. Full-time International Fee PhD Studentships will include full fees at the International student rate for three years, dependent on satisfactory progress.

PhD students at the University of Hull follow modules for research and transferable skills development and gain a Masters level Certificate, or Diploma, in Research Training, in addition to their research degree.

Closing date: 3rd February 2014.

Application Form and details at

Interested applicants are encouraged to direct informal enquiries to: Dr Elsbeth Robson [email protected] , Dr Rosemary Wall [email protected] , Prof David Atkinson [email protected]