Elise Berman, PhD (University of North Carolina, Past Convenor, ACYIG)
NEOS Issue 14, Volume 1, Spring 2022

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This past year has been a year of many changes at ACYIG. We started a new listserv and an increasing number of scholars are using it to post publishing opportunities and promote research and work on children and youth. If you haven’t joined, do so! Subscribe at!  We had two great virtual talks in the past year with good attendance: Dr. Amy Brainer in April and myself in October, and a very well attended business meeting. Stay tuned for more events in the future.

Many members of the board have stepped down – so we would like to say goodbye and thanks to our outgoing board members, and hello to the new ones. Many thanks to Elisha Oliver, outgoing membership coordinator; Patrick Beauchesne, Julie Pluies, and Meredith Ellis, outgoing conference coordinators; Dori Beeler, outgoing communications chair; Rashmi Kumari and Smruthi Bala Kannan, outgoing graduate board members. We also said goodbye to our NEOS editors, Maria Barbero and Courtney Everson. We would also like to thank several people who have worked under Dori creating content and working on communications at different times during Dori’s long term of service, from 2018-2021! They are Scarlet Eisenhauer (Website Manager); Maria Barbero (Social Media Manager); Sara Thiam (Co-content Coordinator); Robin Valenzuela (Co-content Coordinator); Kim Garza (Website Manager); Tiffany Pollock (NEOSAssistant Editor); Delaney Glass (Digital Scholarship Intern); Veronique Gilbert (past NEOS editor); and Victoria Holec (past NEOS editor). Best wishes to all, and thank you for your service!

We have many new faces to welcome to ACYIG! Julie Spray at the University of Auckland is our incoming Communications Chair. Laura Bullon-Cassis at NYU, is coming in as the Graduate Student Representative for Media Content. We have two new editors of NEOS, Jennifer Shaw and Rebecca Sanford, both at Thompson Rivers University, who are supported by Chloe Bozak, our new Digital Scholarship Intern. Finally, I am also stepping down as Convenor. Ida Fadzillah Leggett at Middle Tennessee University will be taking over as Convenor. Welcome all, and thank you for your service!

We are currently brainstorming upcoming events and activities at the AAA meetings and beyond. If anyone has any events they would like to organize, please let us know (email Ida, Given the uncertainty around conferences, we have left the conference chair and membership chair positions open for the moment. We are still open to people joining the board, however, so please volunteer if you are interested in either of these positions. Stay tuned for upcoming news, and enjoy this great volume of NEOS.


Elise Berman
Past-Convenor, ACYIG