Extended–Spring 2022 Call for Papers

Theme: Local Realities and Global Challenges: Approaches to Childhood and Youth Studies from the Global South (extended)

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NEOS welcomes submissions for the Spring 2022 issue: Local Realities and Global Challenges: Approaches to Childhood and Youth Studies from the Global South. This upcoming issue aims to amplify anthropological and interdisciplinary scholarship that explores childhood and adolescence in a myriad of Global South/Majority World contexts. Anthropology has experienced major imbalances in the funding, recognition, and dissemination of research, especially prioritizing Global North researchers, research, and populations during publication. In an effort toward redressing imbalances in scholarship on childhood and youth, in fostering cross-regional dialogue, and in responding to calls from our membership for a Global South dedicated issue, we encourage research on the following themes within Global South contexts:

    1. Articles that analyze the complexity of health and illness among children and adolescents;
    2. Research that investigates how children and youth are affected by and cope with issues of migration and asylum;
    3. Scholarship that unpacks critical issues in cultural, place-based, and generational experiences of gender and sexuality;
    4. Submissions that explore changing roles, expectations, or dynamics of childhood and adolescence;
    5. Scholarship that discusses innovative methodologies for conducting research in cross-regional and collaborative contexts with children and youth;
    6. Scholarship on social movements and struggles for equity and racial, economic, and social justice as they intersect with the lives of children and youth;
    7. Research and commentaries that unpack, challenge, or propose ways to move beyond South/North divides in childhood and youth studies.

We invite short-form original research articles (1,000 words max, excluding references), as well as commentaries (500 words max, excluding references) that address the issue’s theme. NEOS also welcomes original research articles that—while not necessarily directly connected to the CFP theme—highlight recent “hot off the press” research in the field. Finally, we invite short pieces (750 words max, excluding references) on scholarship and applied research that uplifts racial, economic, and social justice and the dismantling of systemic oppression, for a new dedicated standing column on anti-racism and equity in child and youth studies. Submissions from Global South scholars or authors with long-term engagements in Global South contexts will be prioritized for publication in this issue.

NEOS is an open-access publication of the Anthropology of Children and Youth Interest Group (ACYIG) of the American Anthropological Association (AAA). We publish research on childhood and youth from scholars working across the four fields of anthropology, as well from those interdisciplinary fields in conversation with anthropological theories and methods. Articles published in NEOS undergo a double-blind peer-review process and commentaries are reviewed by the NEOS Editorial Team.

The deadline for submissions is February 16, 2022* (end of the day). Rolling submissions prior to February 16 are also welcome. While not required, authors are encouraged to submit a brief message about their intent to submit to the Co-Editors by February 2, 2022. The NEOS Editorial Team may be reached at acyig.editor@gmail.com. Visit our website for further information on NEOSas well as submission guidelines and instructions. You may access the submission portal for the Spring 2022 Issue here.



*Note on CFP Extension from NEOS Co-Editors

Greetings from the NEOS Editorial Team!

As many of us return to in-person or hybrid forms of teaching this Fall, at NEOS we recognize that this will be a substantial period of transition–one that will involve ongoing logistical challenges and continued uncertainty for many, while also creating vital space for re-engaging our scholarship and our students 

With this in mind—and out of an intentional commitment to the well-being of our authors and volunteers—we will be extending our current NEOS CFP to February 16, 2022. We hope that the extra time to re-engage research and the classroom, during what is likely to be another challenging term for many, will be welcomed. At NEOS, we will also be focusing on onboarding new Editorial Team members during the Fall, so please look out for a Call for Applications in the coming weeks if you are interested in getting involved!

In the meantime, we invite you to disseminate the extended CFP on Global South approaches to Child & Youth Studies, as well as continue to engage with and share our most recent (and widely read!) Spring 2021 issue on racial justice in child & youth studies.

Take care,

NEOS Co-Editors