Welcomes & Farewells

NEOS Volume 12: Issue 2, Fall 2020

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The NEOS Editorial Team continues to evolve. Please join us in welcoming Delaney Glass as the inaugural NEOS Digital Scholarship Intern! Delaney is a PhD Student in Biological Anthropology at the University of Washington with a strong skillset in research, writing, and dissemination of anthropological scholarship on children and youth. We are thrilled to have Delaney join our Editorial Team. The Digital Scholarship Internship was specifically designed to provide emerging anthropologists an opportunity to go “behind the scenes” of publishing processes, immerse themselves further in child/youth studies, advance the impact of anthropological scholarship and, ultimately, catalyze their careers as leaders in the field. When asked about how this internship will support her aims and development, Delaney said: I really enjoy reading cutting-edge children and youth interdisciplinary scholarship because I aim to utilize interdisciplinary and mixed methods approaches as an anthropologist interested in human culture, growth, and development during puberty and adolescence. I also love that through learning the peer-reviewed, open-access editorial process, I have an opportunity to develop a broader scope of where these throughlines are heading in the future.” Delaney has been involved in all aspects of the publication process for this October issue and you will find her special touch not only throughout the articles but also in the April 2021 Call for Papers. Welcome, Delaney! 

We also want to express our sincerest gratitude to Anne E. Pfister, PhD for her years of service as an Assistant Editor for NEOS. Dr. Pfister provided critical insights on article submissions, engaged extensive editing to prepare pieces for publication, and supported the Editorial Board in ongoing enhancement as the flagship publication of ACYIG. Many thanks, Anne, for lending your unique expertise to NEOS!