Advisory Board Update

Dori Beeler (University of Maryland Baltimore County, ACYIG Communications Chair)
NEOS Volume 12, Issue 2, Fall 2020

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ACYIG has exciting news to share. Just last month, Elise Berman (ACYIG Convener) welcomed a new family member into the world. Please join us in congratulating the Berman family as they celebrate! It is my pleasure to share ACYIG News for the Advisory Board in this issue of NEOS as Elise spends time with her newborn.  

The Advisory Board would like to thank the NEOS co-editors, Courtney Everson and Maria Barbero, for continuing the efforts to move the publication to an online format. Their leadership in this effort has resulted in a new position, the Digital Scholarship Intern. The inaugural internship is held by Delaney Glass, PhD Student in Biological Anthropology at the University of Washington. At the same time, we want to thank Anne E. Pfister, PhD for her years of service in this issue as an Assistant Editor. She has recently stepped down from this role and we wish her the best in her future endeavours. 

Furthermore, we have successfully launched the new listserv. The decision to move to a dedicated listserv was the result of the membership limitations presented by AAA’s Communities. All our member contacts have been migrated and we look forward to academics and collaborators interested in global childhood and youth research and advocacy joining this space. For more details, visit  

As we grow our online presence, we are actively working to update our website in form and function. Kimberly Garza (ACYIG webmaster and NEOS Assistant Editor), is supporting this effort. In the coming months, ACYIG will have a new website design and NEOS will have an enhanced presence, displaying the new online format. During this transition, we continue to accept submissions to the ACYIG Blog and urge our members to consider submitting a contribution to Robin Valenzuela, the ACYIG website content coordinator. 

 While we continue to learn how we work and live in this time of uncertainty, please stay tuned for details about our next conference Transitions, to take place in spring 2021 or 2022.