*Roundtable – Childhood Studies, American Studies, and the Humanities*

*Roundtable-Childhood Studies, American Studies, and the Humanities*
*Sponsored by the New York Metro American Studies Association*
*Friday November 8th*
*6 pm. Faculty/Staff Lounge, 8th floor of the West Building of Hunter College (695 Park Avenue, NYC). *

Join us for an interdisciplinary roundtable with the editor of and contributors to the new anthology “The Children’s Table: Childhood Studies and the Humanities” (Georgia 2013).  This book provides an overview of the innovative work being done in childhood studies-a transcript, if you will, of what they’ve been saying at the children’s table. But this event is also an argument for rethinking the seating arrangement itself. Each contribution in the volume pairs childhood studies with another field of inquiry (queer studies, archival study, or ethics to name a few) to ask how foregrounding the child reorients long-established scholarly foundations in that field. Ultimately, *The Children’s Table* addresses the theoretical and methodological consequences of rethinking the deeply entrenched binaries dividing child from adult, dependence from autonomy, education from oppression, irrationality from reason, and subject from citizen.

Participants will include:

Sarah Chinn (Hunter College) author of *Inventing Modern Adolescence*

Anna Mae Duane* *(University of Connecticut), *author of Suffering Childhood in Early America*

Karen Sánchez-Eppler* *(Amherst College*), author of Dependent States*

Carol Singley,* *(Rutgers U), *author of **Adopting America: Childhood, Kinship, and National Identity in Literature *

Lynne Vallone (Rutgers U), co-editor*, The Oxford Handbook of Children’s

*This event is free and open to the public. All are welcome.
For more information, please contact Anna Mae Duane at amduane1@gmail.com

Anna Mae Duane
Associate Professor, English
Director, American Studies Program
University of Connecticut

New film: HOW TO LOSE YOUR VIRGINITY | A Women Make Movies New Release

Hi All,

I am writing from Women Make Movies, the leading nonprofit distributor of films by and about women. I thought the members of this listserv would be interested in our newest release, HOW TO LOSE YOUR VIRGINITY. Filmmaker Therese Shechter (I WAS A TEENAGE FEMINIST) presents a hilarious and eye-opening educational resource that explores complex issues around female sexuality, the cultural value of chastity and the current state of sex education in America. To celebrate this release, WMM is offering a special promotion on selected titles that help support the educational content presented in HOW TO LOSE YOUR VIRGINITY.

I’m including some additional info on HOW TO LOSE YOUR VIRGINITY and its related special offer. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, and thanks as always for supporting independent women filmmakers!


Female virginity. The US government has spent 1.5 billion dollars promoting it. It has fetched $750,000 at auction. There is no official medical definition for it. And 50 years after the sexual revolution, it continues to define young women’s morality and self-worth.

This intimate, witty and occasionally alarming documentary uses the filmmaker’s own path out of virginity to explore its continuing value in our otherwise hypersexualized society. Layering vérité interviews and vintage sex-ed films with candid self-reflection and wry narration, Shechter reveals myths, dogmas and misconceptions behind this “precious gift.” Sex educators, porn producers, abstinence advocates, and outspoken teens share their own stories of having – or not having – sex.

A film by Therese Shechter
US, 2013, 66 minutes, Color, DVD

Institutional Price: $295.00
DVD Rental Price: $90.00
K-12, Public Libraries, Community Groups: $89.00

View the trailer: http://www.wmm.com/advscripts/wmmvideo.aspx?pid=228
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To celebrate this new release, WMM is offering 25% off our New Release VIRGIN TALES when you purchase HOW TO LOSE YOUR VIRGINITY at list price! Use promo code LOSVIRLS13 to apply your discount.

The perfect companion film to Therese Shechter’s exposé on the paradoxical value of female virginity in US society, VIRGIN TALES, broadcast on Showtime, poignantly explores the world of Evangelical “Purity Balls.” These ceremonial celebrations of sanctity, chastity and servitude are rapidly becoming the basis of a new and powerful Christian counterculture. VIRGIN TALES goes behind the scenes of this movement, capturing intimate moments within the lives of young participants and closely profiling the Colorado family at the forefront of this modern day crusade.

View the trailer: http://www.wmm.com/advscripts/wmmvideo.aspx?pid=237
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Offer expires 11/30/13. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Other restrictions may apply.
Interested in the pressing issues facing youth today? Join the conversation with WMM’s THE NEXT GENERATION: YOUNG WOMEN & GIRLS Special Collection!

GIRL POWER: ALL DOLLED UP <http://www.wmm.com/filmcatalog/pages/c817.shtml>
“Want to get girls and young women to talk about how their lives are affected by marketing? Show them this film!” -Catherine Orr, Beloit College

THE EDUCATION OF SHELBY KNOX <http://www.wmm.com/filmcatalog/pages/c726.shtml>
“The movie…is a pungent civics lesson on what can and cannot be accomplished by one plucky, idealistic girl.” -Stephan Holden, The New York Times

SEXY INC. <http://www.wmm.com/filmcatalog/pages/c800.shtml>
“Highly Recommended…a must-see for teachers, parents, and others who work with adolescents.” -Educational Media Reviews Online

I WAS A TEENAGE FEMINIST <http://www.wmm.com/filmcatalog/pages/c695.shtml>
“A fun and engaging discussion about the seemingly lost ideals of feminism… this is recommended. 3 Stars.” -Video Librarian

GRRRL LOVE & REVOLUTION: RIOT GRRRL NYC <http://www.wmm.com/filmcatalog/pages/c828.shtml>
“Grrrl Love and Revolution is an essential document that offers a rare inside look at Riot Grrrl as it really was.” -Sara Marcus, Author or Girls to the Front: The True Story of the Riot Grrrl Revolution

WIRED FOR SEX, LIES AND POWER TRIPS: IT’S A TEEN’S WORLD <http://www.wmm.com/filmcatalog/pages/c777.shtml>
“[A] good choice for instructors… dealing with the impact of sexuality in popular culture and on the Internet on teens.” -Educational Media Reviews Online


All orders must be accompanied by an institutional purchase order or Prepayment. Payment may be made by institutional check, money order, or Visa and MasterCard.

Women Make Movies *115 W. 29th Street, Suite 1200, New York, NY *
Tel: 212.925.0606 x360

Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for your support!


Meredith Heil
Marketing Coordinator
Women Make Movies
115 W. 29th Street, Suite 1200,
New York, NY  10001

CFP: On the Move: In the World: Mobility and Young People

On the Move, In the World…
Mobility and Young People
A One-day Conference Organized by ARCYP in partnership with ACCUTE At the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences
Brock University
May 27, 2014
DEADLINE: November 1, 2013

Website: http://arcyp.ca

Mobility and young people: taken together, these terms produce both anxiety and possibility. On the move in the world, young people are widely perceived to be in danger or at risk. Yet young people’s mobility may also be aspirational or generative, as adventure, transformation, good fortune, and border-crossings of all kinds can effect changes in status and re-orientations of consciousness and identity. Further, the narratives circulated by and for those youth are themselves subject to revisions once they, too, have been put in motion. And the very thought of young people’s mobility puts us in the realms of affect and embodiment, of ability and impairment. Affect raises questions about the emotional landscape of the young people so moved, how young people are deployed in a variety of media to move adults, and the ways in which we map and describe our attachments to those cultural objects we find to be moving. The body in motion invites us to think of
childhood in terms of kinesthetics, choreography, and ideologies and architectures of enablement, while the very idea of mobile youth asks us to consider spatio-temporal relationships: how young people move through space and time, measuring time by space and vice versa. All of these ways of thinking about mobility in the context of youth cultures take various narrative, political, aesthetic, and conceptual forms— narratives that are, themselves, subject to movement and therefore subject to revision, reconsideration, subversion, and change. Mobility itself might be seen to generate new youth
movements—opening up ways to think about the cultures of young people and for young people to move our sense of culture.

ARCYP invites proposals for papers (or panels) that consider any and all facets of young people’s mobility/movement: Topics to be considered under the theme of “mobility and young people” may include (but are not limited to):
• Danger, Risk and Safety
• Dancing Children
• Border Crossings and Home(land) Security Systems
• Narrative Subversions and Revisions
• Movement as Performance/Choreography
• Narratives of Upward/Downward Mobility
• Transformations through Mobility/Mobilizing Transformations
• Mobile Audiences and Audiences of Mobility
• Temporalities of Youth
• Movement as Affect and Affect as “Being Moved”
• Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
• Capitalism’s Children
• Immigration and Generations
• Ability and Impairment
• Kinesthetics or Kin-aesthetics
• Mapping Youth Cultures
• Circuits of Childhood
• Mobilizing Youth Polities
• Digital Movement and Mobile Communication

Following the instructions at http://accute.ca/joint-sessions/<http://accute.ca/joint-sessions/> , if you are submitting a paper, send three documents in separate electronic files directly to admin@arcyp.ca by November 1, 2013:
(1) A 300- to 500-word proposal, without identifying marks;
(2) A 100-word abstract;
(3) 50-word biographical statement; and
(4) A Proposal Submissions Information Sheet.

If you are submitting a panel proposal, please include:
(1) A 700-word panel description, plus 300-word abstracts for each paper in the panel;
(2) A 150-word panel abstract;
(3) 50-word biographical statements for each member of the panel; and
(4) A Proposal Submissions Information Sheet, including contact information for all panel participants.
NOTES: You must be a current member of ARCYP or ACCUTE to submit to this session. Rejected submissions will not be moved into the general “pool” of ACCUTE submissions.