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Courtney L. Everson
Neos Co-Editor

Courtney L. Everson, PhD, is an Applied Medical Anthropologist with a long track record of community engagement, research, and leadership in health and human services, non-profit management, and higher education. Dr. Everson is currently appointed as a Researcher with the Social Work Research Center, College of Health & Human Sciences, at Colorado State University. Here, she serves as the anthropological researcher on an interdisciplinary team working to transform the child well-being and child welfare landscape through meaningful community-university partnerships.

Dr. Everson’s research agenda spans three interrelated strands: (1) Maternal health and community-based care models; (2) child maltreatment prevention and child welfare; and (3) at-promise youth. Dr. Everson is also the Director of Research Education for the Midwives Alliance of North America Division of Research, a Research Working Group member of the Academic Collaborative for Integrative Health, on the editorial board for the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, and a strategic consultant to higher education entities, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations on issues of equity, complex systems evaluation, and anti-oppression.

María Barbero
NEOS Co-Editor

Maria Barbero, PhD is a Postdoctoral Fellow in Latin American and Caribbean Studies at Rollins College in Orlando, Florida. She graduated from Florida International University with a PhD in Global and Sociocultural Studies, where she received interdisciplinary training in the social sciences, with an emphasis in sociocultural anthropology.

Maria is currently working on her first book manuscript on south-south youth migration to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her work on migration in Argentina has appeared in the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Race and Ethnic Studies, Youth Circulations, and Metropolitics. Maria’s research focuses on the migration-security nexus and how it impacts migrant populations in the Americas. She is particularly interested in the experiences of young people who straddle elusive boundaries between childhood and adulthood and how they experience state practices, discourses, and policies of protection and control. She has previously published work on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program in Citizenship Studies.

Scarlett Eisenhauer
Website Manager/Blog Editor

Scarlett is a Ph.D. student in Cultural Anthropology focusing on child and youth contextualized development and well-being. Her current research takes an ecocultural theoretical lens towards research in after-school programs. Specifically, Scarlett’s fieldwork is at a Los Angeles theatre that also offers after-school programming to various age groups four days a week. A few of her research foci are processes of participation, individual-group dynamics, and the co-construction of after-school spaces between youth and teachers. Scarlett has also been developing a method that incorporates in situ measures of electrodermal-activity (a psychophysiological response) to broaden methodology concerning individual ongoing participation.

Robin Valenzuela
Co-Content Coordinator

13434733_10101979181012564_3903381456384995052_nRobin Valenzuela is a PhD student in the cultural anthropology program at Indiana University.   She is interested in how noncitizen Latinos experience the Child Protection system in the United States, especially when their legal status or non-Western parenting practices are construed as abuse or neglect.  Robin has a MA in Spanish, an MA in Anthropology, and a Graduate Certificate in Latin American Studies from the University of Louisville.

Neos Publication Staff

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