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María Barbero
Social Media Coordinator

Florida International University
María Barbero is currently a doctoral candidate in the Department of Global and Sociocultural Studies at Florida International University. Her research centers on questions of race and ethnicity, nationalism, migration, and youth both in the United States and Argentina. Her dissertation, titled “The Age of Migration Control: Youth and Governmentality in the Americas” looks at migration control policies, discourses, and practices as they specifically target and affect migrant youth living in the cities of Miami and Buenos Aires. Prior to joining Florida International University, Maria earned a Master’s degree from the department of Comparative Studies at The Ohio State University.

Véronique Gilbert
Neos Editor

veronique-bioVéronique Gilbert is currently completing her PhD in Social Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh (UK). Her dissertation, Mokk Pooj: Gender, Interpretive Labour and Sexual Imaginary in Senegal’s Art/Work of Seduction, examines the evolving gender relationships exposed by and contested through the Senegalese art of seduction, mokk pooj. It explores how imagining and responding to men’s needs and desires allows women to negotiate power and exert agency in a Muslim, patriarchal, polygamous context.

Véronique holds an MA in Anthropology and a BA in International Development and Globalisation from the University of Ottawa, Canada. For her master’s degree, she conducted fieldwork in Dakar (Senegal) where she worked in a local organisation providing medical and social services to street children. Her first article, published in the French journal Autrepart, analyses street children’s agency and victimhood.

Prior to her postgraduate studies, Véronique worked for UNICEF Canada and the Paul Gérin-Lajoie Foundation in Montreal (Quebec). She also volunteered as a doula and worked or volunteered for various children and youth programs and associations in her native province of Quebec, Canada. Veronique is fluent in French and English, and speaks conversational Spanish and Wolof.

Scarlett Eisenhauer
Website Manager/Blog Editor

Scarlett is a Ph.D. student in Cultural Anthropology focusing on child and youth contextualized development and well-being. Her current research takes an ecocultural theoretical lens towards research in after-school programs. Specifically, Scarlett’s fieldwork is at a Los Angeles theatre that also offers after-school programming to various age groups four days a week. A few of her research foci are processes of participation, individual-group dynamics, and the co-construction of after-school spaces between youth and teachers. Scarlett has also been developing a method that incorporates in situ measures of electrodermal-activity (a psychophysiological response) to broaden methodology concerning individual ongoing participation.

Sara Thiam
Content Coordinator for Blog & Social Media

IMG_5867Johns Hopkins University / Michigan Technological University
Sara Thiam received her PhD in Anthropology from McGill University, and she also holds an MA in Medical Anthropology from McGill.  Her work focuses on global children’s rights promotion, the intersection between rights-based and relief-based interventions, cross-cultural conceptions of childhood, and child and youth entitlements, obligations and discipline in West Africa.  Her 2015 dissertation, Forced Begging, Aid and Children’s Rights in Senegal:  Stories of Suffering and Politics of Compassion in the Promotion of Rights for the “Taalibe” Qur’anic School Students of Senegal and Mali, examines how religion, politics, and NGO aid-seeking interact in campaigns targeting child trafficking in the region.  Sara is currently finishing up an MPH degree at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and she is lecturing in the Social Sciences Department of Michigan Technological University.  As board chair of Right Start UP, a small non-profit in northern Michigan, Sara is directing a participatory, intergenerational digital history project rooted in social science research and methods that promotes youth community engagement and health and well-being in older adults.

Robin Valenzuela
Content Coordinator for Website Resources

13434733_10101979181012564_3903381456384995052_nRobin Valenzuela is a PhD student in the cultural anthropology program at Indiana University.   She is interested in how noncitizen Latinos experience the Child Protection system in the United States, especially when their legal status or non-Western parenting practices are construed as abuse or neglect.  Robin has a MA in Spanish, an MA in Anthropology, and a Graduate Certificate in Latin American Studies from the University of Louisville.

Neos Publication Staff

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