Neos Submission Guidelines

Neos General Submission Guidelines

Download a PDF of the Neos General Submission Guidelines

Deadlines & Submission Process

We are soliciting submissions for the bi-annual publication of Neos on a rolling basis. Prior to submitting, you must indicate your intent to submit to [email protected].

We accept submissions on a rolling basis from August 15th-September 5th (for publication in the October issue), and December 15th-January 5th (for publication in the February issue). Please notify the Editor of your intent to submit by the start of the rolling period (i.e., August 15th and/or December 15th). The final submission deadlines for all materials are September 5th (October issue) and January 5th (February issue). Please note that earlier submissions will facilitate an enhanced review and revision process. Note that these deadlines may change slightly at the discretion of the editor as per current Call for Submissions.

To submit an article or feature, please use this form. For any questions about the submission process, please email the Neos Editor at [email protected].

Submission of Articles

Article submissions are accepted for five column features in Neos:

  • Methods & Ethics in the Anthropology of Children and Youth, in which members explore the methods and ethics of doing research with children or youth.
  • Childhood and _______ (you fill in the blank!), in which members discuss a topic of interest to their research.
  • My Experiences/Intersections with Interdisciplinary Research on Children and Youth, in which members investigate the value, pitfalls, and lessons associated with combining anthropological research with that of other disciplines to study children and youth.
  • An Ethnography of Children or Youth that has Impacted My Work, in which members discuss their favorite classic or contemporary ethnography of children or youth. Note that this should NOT be written as a book review, but rather as an account of how a particular ethnography has impacted your theoretical or methodological approach, or how it might be used in your teaching.
  • Children and Youth in Our Lives and Our Work, in which members discuss the challenges and triumphs of balancing their own lives with their research, focusing particularly on the field work stage.

Article submissions should not exceed 1000 words (excluding references).

Photos may be submitted to accompany an article. Please see “How to Prepare a Submission” for photo submission guidelines.

All article submissions undergo an anonymous peer review process. The reviewers work quickly to read and comment on each article submission. The Editor attempts to notify you of your submission’s status within two weeks of the submission deadline.

If your submission is accepted, you will be required to respond to reviewer comments within another week after notification. Please note: Even after you submit revisions, the Editor may still need to make final edits to the submission to accommodate for length, clarity, and consistency. Final edits will be made with the goal of retaining the original ideas and intent of the author(s).

If your submission is declined, you can resubmit for consideration in future issues of Neos, provided you have revised according to reviewer comments.

If you have any further questions about the article submission process, please e-mail the Editor.

Submission of Features

The following features may be submitted for publication in Neos:

  • Letters to the Editor (250 words or less), in which members comment on Neos and/or its contents. Letters exceeding 250 words may be edited for length.
  • Obituaries (250 words or less), in which members share memories of an anthropologist of children & youth. Please notify the Editor of your intent to submit an obituary.
  • Photos from the Field, which should be accompanied by a caption of 30 words or less explaining the context of the photo. This text is subject to revision by the Editor. The Editor reserves the right to use, edit, or crop photos for publication in Neos. Not all photos may be published.
  • Unsung Heroes of ACYIG (1000 words or less), in which members interview an important contributor to ACYIG. Please notify the Editor of your intent to submit an interview. See the February 2016 issue for an example.
  • New Book Announcements (250 words or less), which must include the title, author, publisher (and the book series, if applicable), date of publication, and listing price of the book, in addition to a description of the contents. If possible, please send, as a separate attachment, a digital image of the book cover (see photo submission guidelines below for further details). In the event that an image of the book cover is unavailable, the Layout Editor will choose an image to accompany the announcement.
  • Member News (200 words or less), in which members may submit job announcements and research opportunities; grants/prizes available; calls for papers and conference announcements; recent appointments; grants received and/or prizes awarded; publication announcements; and other professional achievements. Submissions may not exceed 200 words in length. For all Member News items except the announcement of professional achievements, include detailed contact information and, where possible, a website for more information. Items received without contact information will be returned. Please note: although the Editor will try to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of each Member News item, this is ultimately the responsibility of the person submitting the announcement. Be sure to check the accuracy of the announcement prior to submission.
  • Correction Notices may be submitted to the editor if Neos has printed an error in a previous issue.

If you have any further questions about acceptable submissions for Neos features, please contact the Editor.

How to Prepare a Submission

General Guidelines

  • List References at the end of your article, following the revised (2015) AAA Style Guide. When in doubt, please refer to the latest version of  The Chicago Manual of Style.
  • Cite works parenthetically in text. E.g. (Smith 1999, p. 9) or (Smith 1999).
  • Avoid footnotes and endnotes.
  • Use Times New Roman 12 pt font, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins on all sides.
  • Submit your article or feature using the Neos Submissions Form. If you are submitting multiple pieces, please fill out a new form per submission.
  • Please review the Author Agreement for Publicationbefore submitting.

Article Submissions

  • Remove any and all personal information on the submission itself that will identify the submission author(s). This information is collected in the submission form.

Photo Submissions

  • Submit photos electronically through the Neos Submissions Form. No hard copies will be accepted. Photos can be submitted in color or in black and white.
  • Photo submissions should credit the photographer(s). Each submission must include a statement certifying that the submitter has permission from the photographer(s) to publish the submitted photo(s).

Please direct any questions about your submission to the Neos Editor.

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